About Us

The Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation Ltd (YSRC) was established on 8th January 2020 following a settlement agreement with the Western Australian Government. YSRC was established to act as the Regional Entity to implement a best practice governance structure to manage the benefits of the agreement.

Following the General Meeting, a Board of Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation Ltd (YSRC) was established to look after the organisation.

The Bundi Yamatji Aboriginal Corporation was established as the organisation to hold Native Title and will become the Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC) and was incorporated on 21st January 2020.

The YSRC Board is made up of the below members:

Ross Councillor Photo.jpg

Ross Councillor

Bellottie, Raylene - photo.jpg

Raylene Bellottie Member Director

Leedham Papertalk Photo.jpg

Leedham Papertalk Snr,

Member Director

Millard, Debbie - photo.jpg

Debbie Millard Independent Director

Shirley McPherson Photo.jpg

Shirley McPherson Expert Director

Jackamarra, Glenda - photo - 2.jpg

Glenda Jackamarra Member Director

Del headshot.jpg

Delveen Whitby

Member Director

Fred Taylor Photo.jpg

Fred Taylor 

Expert Director

Carol Martin Photo.jpg

Carol Martin 
Member Director

Lennon, Stephen - photo.jpg

Steve Lennon Independent Director